golf rangefinder

If you are an avid golf player, then you can enhance your game if you consider buying a golf rangefinder. A golf rangefinder is designed and made with many purposes in mind. Players can measure the distance from various things which are present in the golfing zone. This can be done through a lens which measures time, distance, and length. It works through a GPS system, and when you don’t have a clear view, the laser will be your second set of eyes. As with any high-tech gadget, there are many types on the market and each has their advantages and disadvantages. To get the best one to suit your needs, there are some things you need to consider before purchasing.

Maximum Distance Range

Every golf rangefinder has a different maximum difference. Measured in feet these vary from 1-1500 yards. This is a vital choice you make, but most good models cover at least 1000 yards. You also need to think about the climate you will be golfing in. Some are waterproof, and some aren’t, some have rain mode. This is important because for the gadget to do its job the weather needs to be clear but rangefinders that have a rain mode built in work with the weather.


The model and make are also important. If you are going to spend money on a gadget like this, then you don’t want the cheaper made ones. The world’s first model which combines both laser and GPS is the Bushnell Hybrid Laser. Try and find something which is unique and combines the pin seeker technology which will give you more accuracy than the average model.

Size and Weight

As well as models and features the size and the weight varies from product to product. Look for something that is durable but lightweight and easy to carry around. Make sure you check out the speed in which you get the readings and look for something easy on the eye.

Ease of Use

The efficiency in which the rangefinder works depends on how easy it is to use. The more efficient it is, the easier it will be to use eventually. Look for ones that have two or three buttons, one which is easy to view and easy to read and one that works in dark conditions as well. Ones with adjustable eyepieces also make the item easier to use. There are also professional models available which don’t have extra features but work more precisely and accurately.

Choose Carefully

Choose carefully and shop around to get the best for your money. Look at reviews and try them out in the shop before you purchase. Always look at the features before purchasing and when you have found the right rangefinder for you look around for discounted options online. Overall enjoy it, because this high-tech gadget can not only enhance your gaming experience but give you a game like never.