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Open any baby or pregnancy book, and you will find a list of baby essentials that you absolutely can’t live without. While most accessories are easily recognized as invaluable, some items are truly necessary. A baby stroller is one of these items. It is referred to as a basic necessity for life with your baby. Or is it?

Baby strollers can make your life a lot easier. It helps you get back to your normal routine more quickly, and not feel stressed carrying your baby everywhere, every time. Alternatively, baby carriers offer a hands-free way to carry your baby whilst keeping your baby close. Front carriers, apart from transport, are great for soothing an irritable baby or getting things done around the house. Back carriers are suitable for parents who like heading to places where a stroller would struggle to go, like hiking or epic mountain climbing. Carriers are worth a shot if you are also interested in baby slings which are a wonderful way to carry a baby around, but it is vital to safely position your baby.

Both options are perfect for newborns and toddlers. But choosing the right carriage for each stage ensures that you and your baby have a great time together. Due to the issues with spinal compression and stress, and hip dysplasia; slings and carriers are hardly comfortable as babies are carried hanging by their crotch. This leaves strollers as the best alternative to moving your baby around. Even most baby wearers admit to using a Maclaren Twin Triumph baby stroller once in a while.

When looking at stroller features, keep in mind your baby’s safety. Babies grow and develop fast, therefore safety should be a major priority when making your choice. The recline feature, footrests, stroller brakes. and safety harnesses are some of the features to look out for in a baby stroller. These features vary from one type of stroller to another; hence it is very important to know what exactly suits your child. Apart from safety, you should also consider how convenient the features are through the ride. Handlebar, canopy, fold, basket, shocks, seats, and wheels are the additional accessories that ensure your baby has a smooth, less bumpy ride, and you are comfortable pushing the stroller around and carrying baby essentials. Some baby strollers are not compatible with certain accessories.

Another important factor to consider when shopping for a stroller is your location. If you live in or near a city, you will likely need a sturdy baby stroller to move along sidewalks. You may also want to be able to fold your stroller quickly to get on a bus or train. Suburban parents may need a stroller that is easy to collapse and fits into the vehicle’s trunk.

If you have an older child, you may need a double stroller or a stroller that has an attachment for your older child. Be sure you read the weight guidelines by the manufacturer if you will be using an attachment. An umbrella stroller may be useful for traveling or running errands. Plan to take your kid along on your runs or while training? You should look for a jogging stroller as well.

Talking about training, have you considered waist training? Apart from the strenuous waist exercises, did you know that you can get a smaller waist after giving birth using waist cinchers? Cinchers or corsets make a woman’s waist look smaller than it really is. Forget about the social media myth than corsets can permanently slim you down or cause you to lose fat in your waist. A corset simply compresses fat, fluids, and skin to give the appearance of a more slimmer midsection. It also provides extra support which eliminates any back problems you experience while carrying your baby around.

Back to the topic at hand – pushing your baby in a stroller is pushing your baby away! Sounds crazy? Why should we even question a baby stroller?

Perhaps you have ever seen parents pushing an empty stroller while carrying their baby, or their too active to sit toddler walking alongside it. Weird, isn’t it?

Well, strollers are heavy, bulky, and large. Moving them around can be stressful and it is often hard to fit them into your car, and require storage space at home too. They are also difficult to push along hiking trails, or through grass or snow. Even an “all-terrain” stroller has its limits. There are many places where you cannot simply take a stroller, like a theme park show or the local market.

Newborn infants range of vision is also affected when they are pushed in a stroller. They are so far away and can’t see you; they might think you no longer exist. In addition, strollers often completely cover up your child, totally depriving him/her any interaction with the world and sensory stimulation. Nursing your baby in a stroller can be difficult too. Your baby can also be at risk of flat head syndrome if he/she spends too much time lying on his/her back in strollers, cribs, and car seat carriers.

Let’s not forget the effect baby prams have on other people, outside of baby and mom. Strollers or prams greatly increase congestion in already crowded areas. This situation is even made worse by parents who have bad stroller habits particularly to the public, such as hitting people, taking up the whole sidewalk, and even knocking over store displays.

You may wonder, then what should I carry my baby in?
Baby strollers are great for transporting your growing baby, but if you are experiencing stroller stress, baby slings are a great alternative for your baby care needs. Using a sling is more comfortable and keeps your baby in a healthy sitting position when being carried. No need to worry if you regularly use public transportation like transit buses, a sling is easy to take on board, and very secure on a bumpy ride. In addition, slings are easy to carry around – you can fold up a sling into your purse. And what a special way to always keep your baby close even during your daily activities.

All said and done, your baby is precious cargo. Look for a baby stroller that keeps your baby comfortable and safe.


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