How Silent Beacon Safety Panic Button Protect Your Kids

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We all care about our children

Sometimes we are overprotective, but not without reason. Parents think about whether their kids eat, get sufficient sleep, use their manners, talk to strangers etc. We watch what they do on their computers and smartphones. We want to know everything about the people they spend time with (their friends, parents of their friends, classmates, teachers, coaches) If only parents could have a big eye which could keep an eye on them 24 hours a day…

How many times did you tell your kids they couldn’t go outside to play because you were worried about them? Because you thought about all the different dangerous scenarios that could happen if they were alone outside? Other parents may criticize you for trying to keep your children in a safe zone at all times, but likely they are doing the same thing. Many would agree that you can’t watch your children constantly, but they are wrong. Thanks to the new gadgets and technology, such as Silent Beacon, you can be sure that your kids are in safe hands at all times. Maybe you can’t see them every second, but you can provide them a simple way to call if they get in trouble.

Silent Beacon keeps kids safe at home

Parents not only worry when their children leave the house, but they also worry about children when they leave them at home. You will never feel relaxed when you have young kids at home alone. But with Silent Beacon in the home, you will be notified of any dangerous situation very quickly. If a dangerous situation arises, all the kids need to do is press the button to alert you and get help from 911 at the same time.

Silent Beacon can be helpful in many different situations. Is there a stranger knocking at the door? Is someone trying to break in? Did fixing lunch result in a house fire? Silent Beacon works fast with the push of a button- which is sometimes all one can do when panicked.

Keep kids safe a sports practice with Silent Beacon

Your child is a very talented athlete, but what parents have time to drive to and attend all practice sessions? Nowadays youth sports are very competitive, and children are traveling to train and compete, sometimes taking them to areas of higher crime. Because parents have to work to support such talent, sometimes the children travel alone to train. Rather than wasting their athletic talent because you cannot attend each practice, you should consider purchasing a Silent Beacon personal safety device that will always track them, and if anything unwanted happens, you will know where they are in no time.

Can you totally relax when your kids are in the water?

Every parent wants to keep their children safe, especially when water is involved. When a child drowns, it is a tragedy. But, all it takes is taking the eyes of your child for one moment. Silent Beacon is a water-resistant device so it can travel with you on vacation, or just to the pool.

You can send kids to the school with Silent Beacon

We live in an era where we are fortunate enough to be able to send our children to school. While children are generally safe at school, danger can arise at the bus stop, bullying in the cafeteria, stranger danger on the playground, or, tragically, weapons entering the school. Feel safer by equipping your child with a new Silent Beacon device. Thanks to its option of managing emergency contacts, you can even add the number of your kid’s teacher, so they will be alerted by Silent Beacon that your kid needs help, and also Silent Beacon will provide the exact location of your son or daughter.