Conversion rates are usually determined by the number of visitors, clicks, sign-ups, repeat visitors or any other metric. These conversion rates by far and large depend on the overall UX, that is user experience. User experience and conversion rates are inevitably interlinked and so improving user experience will naturally improve your conversion rates. When you own an online business, it is obvious that you will need the visitors to get converted to your clients. This important for you as your business depends completely on your users who not only visit your website but also if they get a pleasant experience, they will be converting to your clients by purchasing your products and services. This conversion is also technically known as conversion rates through which the success of a website is counted. There are lots of things that affect your UX as well as your conversion rates. Some of these factors we have described as below:

UX Design Affecting The Conversion Rate


It is always “the first impression is the last one” and this applies to your website also. If the user is not impressed with your website then, he is not going to stay on your website and this will affect your conversion rate. Likewise, if your website design is attractive, the user won’t leave your website and will continue their visit to your website and this will again affect your conversion rate positively. When a user visits your website, just in few seconds he decides whether he wants to stay or leave your website. So, it is very important for you to understand that your website design plays an important role in improving your user experience thereby, increasing your conversion rates.


A good content is the core of any website especially, for that chunk of 82% of the people who are interested in reading the relevant content of company blogs. So, you need to make sure that you do not stuff your content or duplicate it. If the users won’t get a good content on your site, then, the good looking design won’t help you get users to your site and more importantly, it won’t improve your conversion rates. Moreover, your content should satisfy the criteria of an ideal one in every sense, like readability, quality, and above all, holding the user to your site.

Broken Links

This is the most common problem with a majority of the sites and the most common reason for a user to bounce back from your website. Most of the websites have broken links which are quite annoying when the user comes across one. These links normally, redirect the user to the homepage which doesn’t allow the user to move ahead with his visit to your website.

For dealing with broken links, you can convert this annoying experience into a delightful one by customizing it. The 404 page can be customized in a number of ways like linking that page to certain related posts, include a search bar or a sitemap, allow users to report a dead link.


Though it is all about digital and numbers, a human touch always feels good to the users. Personalize your website in such a way that every user feels that this site is made for him only and gets completely satisfied with your website. After all, this world internally is full of emotions and these emotions are the key to attracting users to your website. Your website should have landing pages narrating true stories of people which will grab the user’s attention and will hold him for a longer time to your website. This will, in turn, increase your conversion rates and will also improve your user experience. These landing pages should be consisting of real stories with images linked to them. This will give an impactful performance of your website and will definitely give a delightful user experience thereby, increasing your conversion rates.

Social Element

At the end of the day, we all are social animals and this is a fact. However logical and practical we become, but, it is all into the social element of our lives at the end of the day. So, in our context, it means that you should have your website page on various social sites which will make your users follow you. Moreover, the users should be allowed to share your webpage on their social media websites which will, in turn, publicize your business as well as increase your conversion rates. So, specifically you should have buttons like “Like”, Share, and Follow on your website which will allow your users to follow you on their social accounts and not only this, but they also can refer their friends and family to your business site if they are satisfied by your products and services.


User experience plays a vital role in increasing your conversion rates and the increase in your conversion rates will, in turn, improve your overall user experience. So, it is very important for you to consider all the factors affecting these two aspects of your business and should accordingly work in this direction. The above-mentioned factors or tips will definitely help you through improving the mentioned two very important aspects of your online business as well as your business website.

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