Kim Kardashian offers fantastic return with Kanye West taken before the match began to look all starry eyed at

Control couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West began dating in 2012.

Yet, the truth star and rapper’s affection bloomed a great deal before – and here’s a photo to demonstrate it.

On Thursday Kim shared an epic return of her and now-hubby Kanye posturing together right around 10 years back.

The truth star and mum-of-two is brandishing a tremendous grin as she stands beside the rapper who is shaking his mark shades from his 808s and Heartbreak period.

She inscribed it: “2009. Possibly 2008 I can’t recollect.”

Kim and Kanye initially met in 2004, yet it wasn’t until around the time the photo was taken that Kanye made his affections for the truth star, who was involved with Reggie Bush at the time, known.

“I simply envisioned about being by her,” Kanye later said.