According to the understanding of most of the people, hair loss occurs just due to heredity issue. According to them, there is no other way to check the basic cause of hair loss. But in reality, there are the ways to check the exact cause, and also there are the symptoms that reveal the happening of this issue.

Be Careful About The Symptoms

You need to be very careful regarding the symptoms of hair loss. If you don’t notice them on the accurate time then there are the chances that it will be difficult for you to cater to them. thinning on the top of your head, hair loss of full body, bald patches, and having more amount of hair when you are taking shower or on your pillow are some symptoms of hair loss.

When Do You KnowThat You Are Facing Hair Loss?

This question may come in your mind. No doubt, it is not an easy task for some people to know if they are going through hair loss or not. According to scientists, if you are losing almost 100 hair strands in a day then it is normal but when you start to notice that you are losing more than that then you need to consult your doctor.

What Is Permanent Hair Transplant?

Permanent hair loss is not a rocket science but it is a procedure in which natural procedure is used to grow your hair back. Our surgeon gets the specific amount of hair from the back of your head, and implant these hair grafts on the area where treatment is required.

Methods Of Permanent Hair Transplant

FUT and FUE are the two most used methods of permanent hair transplant. however, FUE hair transplant is the most recommended and preferred method by the surgeons among all. A small punching tool is used to extract the grafts from the donor area and implant them in the recipient area. Usually, we provide special discounted offers so that you can get benefit from them and refer your friends and loved ones, as well.

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