Doctor of Philosophy or Ph.D. as it is better known is the highest academic degree awarded by any university. Any candidate who holds a Ph.D. is automatically assumed to be highly capable. This is because they often include years of intensive research and presentation in order to get the degree itself. A Ph.D. holder is understood as someone with impeccable theoretical and analytical abilities, which are key requirements any employer is looking for while hiring potential employees. Those with such advanced degrees are often viewed as potential professionals ready to take on challenges in any given situation.

List of Ph.D. programs in the USA without GRE

If you want to pursue PhD but don’t want to appear for the GRE, then here are top picks for Ph.D. programs without GRE, to aid in the selection process in the USA:

1. Purdue University- PhD in Chemistry

If you’re already in possession of a bachelors and masters degree in Chemistry, get ready to take the next step! Purdue University offers a Ph.D. in Chemistry, for all those who wish to engage in theoretical concepts further. This offer exempts the requirement for GRE scores. Sounds interesting? Check out their requirements, here.

2. Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine- Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology

The science of the mind, reveals answers to all problems, that we as human beings face. This is what Clinical Psychiatrists are trained to discover. The Ph.D. program offered by Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine offers students the ability to deal with situations in the field, using a hands-on approach. See if you have the requirements to enroll in this program, here.

3. MIT- Ph.D. in Media Arts and Science

The media is an ever-expanding field that is evolving slowly along with the advent of technology. Recognizing this strong correlation, the MIT Media Lab, offers students who hold a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Media, to acquire a Ph.D. in Media Arts and Sciences. The course equips students with the ability to tailor content in relation to the medium on which it is produced. Does this seem like your perfect fit? Check out the application requirements, here.

4. Oregon State University- Ph.D. in Physics

This degree offered by Oregon State University, allows students to choose from a wide range of electives and explore among a multitude of options to fix their field of study. The Ph.D. program inculcates known theories, while opening doors to find out what the mysterious world holds. Think you’re inquisitive enough for this program? See the application requirements here.

5. University of Wisconsin- Ph.D. in Philosophy

For those who have an interest in understanding how human society and consciousness operates in the modern realm, the University of Wisconsin offers a Ph.D. program in Philosophy that answers all these questions and much more. Aided by the presence of an experienced faculty, those who decide to opt for this program are never disappointed. Think you’re up for it? Find the application requirements for this course, here.

You may not need the GRE, but you certainly do need to get good scores on the IELTS.

6. University of Idaho- Ph.D. in Civil Engineering

Understanding the science behind engineering doesn’t stop at the Bachelors. The dynamic nature of the discipline itself, demands more from those who operate within its realm. The Ph.D. program offered by the University of Idaho allows students to venture out into the field of Civil Engineering. The degree gives these students the ability, to question and innovate, well beyond their competition. Are you the perfect fit for this program? Find the application requirements, here.

7. Oregon University- Ph.D. in Counselling

In a world that requires more attention to mental health and all the problems associated with it, the current climate requires individuals who are professionally ready to jump in at any moment. The Ph.D. program for Counselling, offered by Oregon University, gives their students this ability to work under any circumstance. Find out more details about the program, here.

8. Northwestern University- Ph.D. in History

Understanding that History is an interpretative discipline, Northwestern University, offers potential students the chance to undertake a Ph.D. program in History. This allows them to explore and define history in their own terms. If you feel like this might be your perfect fit, and have a lot of questions? Check out the application FAQ page at Northwestern University, here.


9. Washington State University- Ph.D. in Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Recognizing a growing need to know more about agriculture, sustainable agriculture and other such avenues, the Washington State University offers interested candidates the opportunity to apply for a Ph.D. in Biological and Agricultural Engineering. This degree can be applied for without necessarily completing the GRE exam. If this sounds like a field of interest to you, check out the formal application requirements here.

10. MIT- Ph.D. in Linguistics

Everyone speaks differently and all languages are unique in their own respects. Understanding that this is a possibility, MIT offers interested students a chance to explore the universe of Linguistics, through their Ph.D. program. While students applying to the program are not required to give the GRE exam, they are expected to provide writing samples and other relevant material, during the application process. Find out more here.

These are our picks for the top 10 Ph.D. programs you can apply without GRE scores. Do you have any more suggestions? Let us know! Also, please remember to give your feedback too.

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