5 Reasons Why It Is Important For You To Read History Books
You must have heard something about the history of the world, region, country, or religion from your history teacher, textbooks or from the internet. History is the study of the past and our origin; mainly the revolution of the world. Have you ever asked yourself why whether reading history is important? Well, it is important in various ways.

1. History equips you with skills.
Assessing various historical events and how they’re combined to make certain conclusions develops your ability to make decisions and arguments based on research and evidence. It equips you with the ability to analyze past events and predict the future. Studying the patterns of change especially in this technological world enables you to identify causes of change and the magnitude of the change. Reading history books enables you to understand how political systems work and equip you with the ability to analyze them. Examining past political experiences brings an understanding of your county’s political progress. This gives you the courage to engage in debates as well as assess arguments.

2. It helps you understand people, societies, and certain human behaviors.
Human beings have different approaches to culture, religion and politics. Learning about the characteristics of a certain religious or cultural group brings understanding and respect. Also, this historical knowledge enables you to know the root cause of certain historical events, the root cause of some conflicting groups, and how well to tackle conflicts. Learning about various patterns in history enhance your knowledge and how well to prepare or deal with disasters, catastrophes, drought or famine. Some of them are caused by human mistakes that can be avoided. Some plants and animals became extinct due to human behavior. Hence, learning from such things helps in the invention of better ways to avoid or prevent unhealthy practices.

3. History enables you to know about your origin and identity.
Everyone belongs to a certain ethnic or religious group. History answers questions such as; how we came to be, why some things are the way they are and so on. History books are rich in content about our ancestors, origin of human beings, the origin of religious beliefs and cultures. This knowledge strengthens cultural and religious bonds as well as clarifies on the different human behaviors. Every tribe, religion or culture is derived from a certain historical base. This makes you wiser and able to appreciate the present. It is due to our ancestors that our life is made easier and more comfortable. Knowing the root of something makes it easy for you to develop, fix it and innovate.

4. It helps in your job performance.
Although some people may argue that most jobs don’t require professionalism in history, reading history books is helpful in any field you engage in. History enhances your research and analytical skills. The study of different development phases and analysis equips you with the ability to identify, assess, and explain trends that improve your performance at work. It brings the perspective of critically analyzed decisions. Apart from that, history improves our morals. It tests our moral sense through the study of different situations experienced by specific individuals. Some people endured and pursued through harsh conditions that encourage and motivate you. Reading such experiences builds your confidence and the motivation to work.

5. You will learn from mistakes committed in the past.
It is said that history repeats itself. When you read history, you learn about the past inventions, technological developments, and innovation. You’re able to learn from the various mistakes committed during such happenings. This makes you smarter and more confident in your approach. For instance, you’d be able to know why the first wheel couldn’t move, the improvements, and how you can make it better without repeating the same old mistakes.

Reading history books is beneficial. When you read them well, you will acquire useful skills, understand your origin, develop useful habits and appreciate other peoples’ ways of life. History is diverse and useful in our day to day livelihoods. It is hence essential to develop the habit of reading history especially in the current technological world where the books are readily available on the internet. A site such as Statree is a books shelved site to help you in accessing various historical books. Taking advantage of such a site will greatly help you in reading history books.

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