Every year on Christmas morning, when the time has come to assemble around the Christmas tree to open presents, the primary thing my kids do is go after their Christmas leggings. They can’t avoid the feathery red stocking fixed with white hide that is full to the overflow with puzzling little endowments and confections. It is a magnificent convention that has dependably been a major piece of our family Christmas festivities, as it is with numerous families, in one way or alternate, over the world. How did the giving of sock loaded down with treats turn out to be such an indispensable piece of Christmas in the first place?

To answer that inquiry, I chose to do some exploration and I found that there are a few conceivable stories behind the Christmas stocking. Nobody is precisely certain which story, assuming any, is valid. Be that as it may, the most acknowledged story involves a man whose spouse had passed away and abandoned him with three little girls to deal with. He was not a rich man and he was stressed that despite the fact that his little girls were benevolent and delicate, they could never get hitched on the grounds that he couldn’t bear to pay their settlements.

One day St. Nicholas, otherwise called Saint Nicholas of Myra, was strolling through town and caught the townspeople discussing the keeps an eye on issue with his three girls. St. Nicholas needed to help yet he realized that the man could never readily acknowledge cash from him. So he held up until the point that it was dull and went to the keeps an eye on home and dropped three packs of gold down the stack, one for every young lady.

For some odd reason the young ladies had washed their clothing that night and had hung their leggings by the chimney to dry. Whenever St. Nicholas dropped the sacks of gold down the fireplace they arrived in the young ladies tights. At the point when the young ladies woke up the following morning and went to get their tights they found all that anyone could need gold to pay for each of their shares. Every young lady at that point got hitched and lived cheerfully a great many. When word spread of how the young ladies had discovered gold in their leggings, everybody began hanging their tights by the chimney with the expectation that they would be as lucky.

While we don’t hang our washed tights or socks by the smokestack to dry, the vast majority of us do respect the Christmas custom of hanging a stocking on places to go on Christmas eve. The greatest distinction is that now our tights are made in every single diverse shape, sizes, hues, and surfaces and they are made particularly for use as Christmas leggings. Rather than placing gold in the tights, we put exceptional endowments in them. On the off chance that we are extremely terrible amid the year, we may very well get a piece of coal rather than blessings.

I am interested by the way that what might be an old spouses story could make such an awesome convention as Christmas leggings. The tale of the father and his three little girls began a custom that is presently as much a piece of Christmas as Santa himself. Christmas just would not be the same without Christmas tights.