Our Travel Experts Pick the Top Destinations to Visit in 2019

Travelocity has gathered a various group of movement specialists known as our Gnational Gnomads. To commence the new year we solicited each from them to choose one travel goal that they suggest the most for 2019. By and by, their suggestions have an extraordinarily wide range and spread 5 unique landmasses! Considering they are probably the most all around voyaged people on the planet, it’s nothing unexpected that there were no two answers alike.

Regardless of whether you are searching for something serene or a fun experience, family travel or a performance trip, we have a recommendation only for you.


Eric Stoen of TravelBabbo: My top goal proposal for 2019 is Greenland. Such a significant number of spots on the planet are getting stuffed. Barcelona and Venice unquestionably needn’t bother with more guests in the late spring! In any case, at that point there are places like Southern Greenland, where my child and I climbed and investigated for a week and scarcely observed some other voyagers. Rather, we unplugged, went angling, kayaked among ice shelves, dozed on sheep ranches, rode Icelandic horses between the sheep ranches, visited icy masses, and had a moderate yet dynamic week in a wonderful, tranquil area. It is difficult to get to – essentially all flights experience Copenhagen or Reykjavik — however it’s definitely justified even despite the trek to have the world’s biggest island to yourself. At any rate it felt like we did!

Key West, Florida

Ava Stritt of SpaTravelGal: Key West has recuperated with style and elegance after Hurricane Irma and an ongoing visit demonstrated to me how alive this tropical heaven remains. Most lodgings and eateries are ready for action and their rebounds have them better than anyone might have expected. One of the most current lodgings in the area is The Perry Hotel. I presently envision this spot my new Key West house. From this inn you approach all that Key West is known for including sea green/blue waters that lead to the fortunes of the locale. Take the van downtown for the nightlife or begin your undertakings from their marina. Exploit the What’s Kraken angling contracts and the When and If nightfall travels just strides from the entryway of your room. The When and If cruising yacht was specially crafted for General George S. Patton as a present for his significant other. This lovely 1939 wooden yacht is a standout amongst the most mysterious encounters you can endeavor to finish in 2019! At that point head to the Top Spa for one of their regular encounters – you realize you need a spa day while in the midst of some recreation!

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Kirsten Maxwell, Kids Are A Trip: One goal I would prescribe for 2019 is San Juan, Puerto Rico. It’s been a little more than a year since Hurricane Maria crushed the island, and it’s an ideal opportunity to head back. Practically all real properties have re-opened, and the city’s culinary scene is detonating. Toss in speakeasies, kayaking in the bioluminescent sound, climbing in caverns, and investing energy in the shoreline, and you have the ideal tropical escape.

Los Cabos, Mexico

Erin Holmes from ExploreWithErin: Cabo will be a hotspot for 2019. Wonderful shorelines, warm water and resorts you never need to leave. Arrive before it turns into the following Cancun.

Whitsundays, Australia

Meagan Wristen from MommyTravels: If you can manage the cost of it, go to Australia, explicitly Whitsundays. It’s a fast plane ride from Sydney and the passage to the Great Barrier Reef. In Whitsundays you can rapidly scratch off a portion of the things on your can list like visiting Whitehaven Beach and swimming or plunging the Great Barrier Reef. Make a point to book a visit that gives you sufficient time at Whitehaven shoreline. I prescribe in any event a large portion of multi day, however throughout the day would be better. In the wake of visiting more than 20 nations, this is certainly the most lovely spot I have ever observed. While you’re there, you ought to likewise take a visit out to the Great Barrier Reef, with a trustworthy visit organization. This will take throughout the day, yet the outing is well justified, despite all the trouble. I prescribe remaining at Big 4 Adventure Resort in the event that you are going with children.

Nagoya, Japan

Pattie Cordova from Living Mi Vida Loca: I’ve heard extraordinary things about Nagoya, Japan. My most seasoned chiclet has been requesting to go to Japan as far back as his enthusiasm for anime sprung up this year. So I’m wanting to take him to Nagoya since I’ve perused that not exclusively is it the most spending plan benevolent city to fly into in Japan, yet they likewise have an extremely cool Sky-Boat Ferris haggle that I think my chiclet will like.

African Safari

Jeremy Scott Foster from Travel Freak: If you haven’t been on safari yet, 2019 is the time! Despite whether you head to South Africa, Botswana, Kenya or Tanzania, get ready to be wowed. Seeing lions, zebras, elephants, giraffe, hippos and even rhinos in the wild is a unique encounter. Not exclusively will you leave with a newly discovered regard for these superb animals, however you’ll leave with another comprehension of the hover of life. As my safari driver stated, “around here, it’s anything but difficult to be conceived and it’s anything but difficult to bite the dust.” Safari in Africa in a groundbreaking knowledge and one you absolutely shouldn’t miss!

Rajasthan, India

Mike Shubic from Mike’s Road Trip: Rajasthan is home to fantastic structures, aesthetic components and a rich social legacy. The lovely landscape and superb structures, for example, its posts and sanctuaries feature why Rajasthan is rapidly turning into a traveler goal; the sights are not normal for anything you’ve seen previously.

From an audacious African safari to a culture rich visit to India to an off-the-matrix experience in Greenland, ideally our Gnational Gnomads’ suggestions make them long for faraway spots. Have you made any movement arrangements for 2019 yet? In the event that you have, where are you going, and for what reason did you pick that place? Leave your answer in the remarks beneath.


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