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Old may be gold, but not in the app world for sure. In the world of mobile where technology transforms by the speed of light and something new, fast and better is created every time, apps cannot afford to feel, look or actually be old. Not just the apps see lesser engagement from the users but also are slowly wiped out of the app stores. Here’s a statement that Apple issued in September 2016 about simply cleaning the app store and removing the old non-functioning apps.

“We are implementing a constant process of evaluating applications, removing the apps than hard function as required, do not follow the review guidelines or are not updated”.

Has your application started falling into some old category? Is it not functioning as desired? Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. Let’s simply talk on how you may whip that old thing back into action and give it all new UX. Users can, therefore, rediscover it and see the actual value that you have to offer. You need to take a real fresh perspective of what user’s today seek and realign your app to offer a perfect user experience. And to even start that process, first of all, you need UX research.

So how does UX Research Revive an Old App?

One of the basic concepts of a successful application is that the app should add value to the user’s life while doing what the user actually expects it to do. This is an easier and better way to do the same thing. Question is, does your application let the users pay all their utility bills in one place without leaving the seat?


But is it something that helps them do it so easily and quickly with all the pleasant look and work. Important of all is, is this modern enough for today’s tech-savvy users?

The usual thing about UX is, when you developed it from the ground up and have spent literal weeks on it, everything looks really easy for you. You are aware where the controls are, and you think users would also know. But remember, you have spent weeks! The user wants to spend a few minutes and nothing more than that. It is completely new and uncharted territory for them. You just do not expect them to know what you exactly know. And also don’t expect them to want to learn.

If your app is a bit old, and the engagement has decreased, it may be because it is no longer appealing in the face of other, more recent apps. You need to take a really close look at your app’s UX and make a contrast with other competing apps that are somewhat more recent.

You need to find out what user experience is missing. Maybe the users are not very much excited about the look as well as the feel of the app. Make out if the colors are dull or the layout is not updated. Or it may that users have moved to immersive experience when your app still provides the flat design. Is navigation not complicated? Are you still making use of slider menus? You literally need to get with the current and UX research can assist you.

So here are 4 ways UX research can help you in reviving the old app and make it all appealing and new to the users once again.

Realign your Business Goals

One of the first things that you need to when setting on with the UX research is to see what is your basic business goal. When you started with it, what was your business model?  Were you actually able to make cash from the paid app downloads? Or was it get some subscription? Was it possible if somewhere along the way, the application for more entangled in in-app advertising and the user experience lost its real charm? However, just go back and re-assert your business goals and redesign the UX to complete that goal.   

There is also a possibility that you have new goals. What is the biggest issue you have been going through? Is it fetching new users, or retaining the old ones at their place? Maybe you wish to decrease the churn, or maybe you want to increase free to paid conversions. You just need to isolate the problem that you wish to address and start working on that initially.

Who is your Target Audience?

Apps are literally meant to provide a personalized experience so there is a need that you know exactly who your audience is. So who is your targeted audience? It can be millennials, students, aged people, or any crowd among these age groups. But you need to think whom you need to market your app and design it to be useful, attractive and convenient for them.

Eradicate the Scrap

Over some time we do not realize that we have cluttered the app. If your user experience is starting to feel sluggish, tiring and unfocused, it could be the clutter. It’s a sign that you need to clean it up.

Take a fresh look at all the different steps a user actually goes through to complete one cycle and eradicate everything which is not important and distracting.

You may even survey your already existing audience and ask them what would like the app to do, for a better experience. You may also take a whole new round of the user research where you observe some users when they use your mobile application and unearth problems and patterns preventing them from gliding through that specific mobile application.

Re-Assess the Core Value

Do you remember that special power that your app provided the users when you started out? An app should empower a user and the definition of this power change over time. Some years back, purchasing music on iTunes was all a rage.

But today, even Apple is identifying that buying music is obsolete. Streaming the mobile applications are now making up 90% f the music industry’s revenue in some specific countries like Korea.

The concern is the value changes with time. What your users wanted a few years back or even months ago may not be exact anymore and you should adopt. UX research may help you understand how happy users are with your mobile application and whey actually liked in it.

Final Remarks

UX research is definitely the first thing that may assist you in understanding what your app actually needs to do, to become appealing and relevant to your application once again. So even though you already have done it once and your application already had a successful launch, a fresh round of IX research will assist you in reviving your old app and make it a fresh hit all over again.